Nothing To Lose

Happy Full Moon!

Today I would love to share a few thoughts with you about self-value. 

I’ve been reading Miracles Now by Gabbrielle (Gabby) Bernstein and I absolutely love this book! The book consists of 108 techniques drawn mostly from Kundalini Yoga and meditation and A Course In Miracles, in addition to  Feng shui techniques, and advice from some self-help experts, such as Dr. Christiane Northrup. I have been putting the techniques into action in my own life for over a year now (since around the time I lost my beloved dog,  

Sammy) and these practices have transformed my life. 

Today I want to share one of the techniques with you. It’s a simple but truly powerful exercise about self-value. 

Miracle Message #53: “People who value themselves attract people who value them, too.” — Kate Northrup 

Here is Kate Northrup’s exercise:

Right now, think of three specific things you value about yourself. Saying “I’m healthy” as something you value about yourself is great, but it doesn’t stir the same emotional response as when you’re really specific. For example, I could say, “I have strong, toned legs that get me from place to place” as something I value about myself. Yes, it’s related to my health, but it’s more specific and immediately makes me feel more valuable than simply saying “I’m healthy.”

I’ve chosen to do this exercise every day for 40 days and share  my experience with my readers.  I have only done this exercise once about 6 months ago but I keep finding myself drawn to the this one and  I have been procrastinating over incorporating the technique into my daily routine. However, what ever we repeatedly resist will continue to show up in our awareness if it’s something that we truly  need in our lives. So today, on this Capricorn Full Moon; I’m beginning a new experience of  truly appreciating and valuing my own strengths in all areas of my life — including my yoga. I’m always focusing on the poses I believe I cant do, instead of appreciating how far I really have come with my practice of yoga. I continually do this, so much so, that I feel it is actually negating the positive effects of my practice. It’s time to really begin to appreciate and value each and every single yoga pose I do, instead of just obsessing over advancing.
I am looking forward to enjoying what comes from doing this exercise in self-value every day; I have nothing to lose but the fear and resistance to seeing my own true value and letting it come forth.

Soon, I will write more about Sammy. 



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