Most Inspiring Women

Over on IG,

I have dedicated the entire month of July to yoginis and other women who inspire me.

I feel that showing gratitude for the women who have blessed my life with inspiration is extremely important.

I am grateful to the following women and even though it’s not International Women’s Day; I’m talking the time to share their names and what blessings they’ve brought into my life with my readers. 

If you don’t already know about these women; I hope you’ll definitely want to find out more about them! They will Rock your world!

 I am inspired by so many AMAZING women everyday on Instagram and elsewhere and I am soooooo grateful for all of them!

The following women are the ones who’ve brought the most inspiration into my life.

I acknowledge the following women without whom I would not be where I am today:
♥ SARK aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy ~ Succulent Wild Wisdom

♥ Louise Hay ~ Consistent Expressions of Love

♥ Marianne Williamson ~ Total and Complete Eternal Forgiveness via A Course In Miracles

♥ Doreen Virtue ~ Angelic Assistance and Power

♥ Suze Orman ~ Tools To Improve My Financial Health

♥ Laura Day ~ Extremely Practical Uses of Intuition

♥ Judith Orloff ~ Healing Positive Energy

♥ Crystal Andrus ~ Spiritual Beauty

I am deeply grateful to each of these courageous women for the guidance, wisdom and love they so freely shared with me. Thank you for choosing love over fear. Your lights have guided me into a successful  career, financial abundance, and physical/emotional well~being.